Thursday, March 5, 2009

just a kid

karolin is back in sweden from barcelona, thank god, now i have someone to hang out with in this shithole city. we went downtown yesterday, and after one hour (ONE!!!) we were already bored and didn't have anything else to look at or do. how amazing isn't this lovely city? it's CRAP. after walking around for a bit longer i catched the bus and picked up my little brother at his kindergarden, and then we walked home and i made a typical swedish dish for us, macaronies, meetballs and ketchup. my little brother ate twelve (!!!) meetballs and he's four years old, and one hour after that he had two sandwiches and three glasses of milk, can't believe that kid.

you're not an adult yet mele,
you're just a kid like me, you still play! - my little brother

today i've unpacked my two suitcases that i basically live in, and washed all of my clothes, which was a good achievement for being me, i think i've done my laundry by myself like 5 times throughout my whole life. plus i hanged it all up myself too, gosh i'm good. and tomorrow when it's dry i'm gonna pack it all down again in my suitcases and get ready for my next journey, which will be going back to LA, the city i'm in love with.

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