Saturday, March 7, 2009

fool me twice, shame on me.

Last night we went out, got really drunk & complained about everything about this city, and this whole country. We ended up going to two clubs, and newsflash, they both sucked. And the music was fuckin' awful. They played like old eurovision-contest-crap- tunes and bad R'n'B shit. By the time the clock was around 1 am we had had enough and catched a cab back home. I don't think I actually realized how drunk I was until I came home, and fell all over a table and layed there laughing by myself, and then trying to check my facebook and emails plus IM with some friends, the computer screen was like a floating blur. Then I decided it was nappy time.

Woke up at 8 am this morning, still slightly drunk and then the hungover hit me like a punch in the face to the point where I told myself to never have alcohol again, like usually, but that never happens. I've wasted this saturday by watching The Hills and The City all day long, for hours and hours, it's really entertaining when you don't have any energy to do anything else. And you gotta love the-ridiculous-still-in-high-school-drama that is basically going on non-stop.

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